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The Oracle


The beginning of this world was an idea

1- Power of thoughts
How many times you been thinking about particular subject deeply then an incident has happened in sudden way to cut off your chain of thoughts ?

( like someone knocking on your door or calling you one the phone or an accident happened across the street while driving your car and thinking in same time ) !!!
I Bet you that has happened many times and you wonder why ?
but actually you should wonder why you can’t recall the subject you been thinking about when that incident happened and participated to cut off your chain of thoughts . mean (point you reached in your
( chain of thoughts)
most of us we will ignore what we been thinking about . and keep busy with the incident I mean continue what we been doing Without giving much care.

Let us do it in backwards
How many times you been thinking deeply to solve problem then you find the answer in front of your eyes and  said ohhh i found it ?

it’s almost like searching for your car keys in home
once thinking about it you will find it (which remind us about the words speak about the devil ) .

Believe it or not !
The thoughts has great power and influence on our life
the law of attraction has revealed that . but I will explain it here in new different ways .

To Explain the reason behind cutting the chain of thoughts by accident outside our control
We should know first that our thoughts has great power and drawn the reality of our lives and affect them directly.

As it’s enough to let thought like this world is hard place . enter to mental domain and control it and then see how could thought like that reflects on your emotions and make you feel bad .

and after that you can see also the huge effect of that thought . and how can make everything goes wrong

and turn the world against you .


2- Correcting the course  

Your brain work like computer and all the negative inputs has entered already to your brain during the past years of your life by The five senses and even during  sleeping time by dreams .

you can remember all the names and all information but never can remember the ( information context)

( when it came to your brain first time)

(information context like the boat carrying the information to your mind)

which it use by Psychiatrist during hypnosis process to let the mind recall the past events in order to diagnose the history of illness .

The brain automatically delete the information context and kept the information only.

therefore without remembering the context you cannot ever correct any wrong information has already entered to your brain . unless you discovered the truth about it by coincidence or someone correct it for you

and that’s what make the change for our thoughts and beliefs and ideas very hard process.

What we can learn from that ?

We in need to review and adopt changing for some old beliefs and concepts .

as we need also to replace the old thoughts that has been proved it’s useless and Hinder intellectual progress thus limit our ability as well in order to become more open and accept the change .

negative inputs as we referred is occupied big space in our mind and therefore need time to change it .

in addition to that we need to make adoption for new policy

that allow us to reduce the negative thoughts and keeps it away to not affect on our life course in bad way .

New mental approach

In fact we getting older by every day pass . and we should be more wiser than to let past leads our future

as if we had bad experience in the past . we should not repeat it again with the same mentality that we were

at last ( The development of the person is subjected to his flexibility to change his thoughts and beliefs )

in order to accept new concepts and move forward in his life .

3-The three main mind obstacles
1- Fear of change
2-Presuming the worst
3- The word of ( I can’t )

Fear from change

is indicate to the need of adaptation skills. of course I am not indicating to fear of change in its form as illness
Metathesiophobia .
but what I want to say
that fear of change is common feeling . among us . though the change is necessity in this life as human start as child then grow up and moving from phase to the next and in each stage he need to adaptation for each phase situation .
let us get rid of fear of change and accept the change and develop adaptation skills .

Presuming the worst
most people that I’ve met them . they are afraid from changes . because they presume the worst will happen and expect it definitely (they always sure )
so why we do that ? why we circling around ourselves by this way we will not go anywhere why presuming the worst and expect it maybe we are wrong maybe the good things is waiting for us if we made that change
this is unjustified fears based on expectations only and Speculation . it has no solid ground unless in our minds .
again let us get rid of it

The word of ( I can’t )
never ever say that word . if you said it means you have no true intentions to try .and if you didn’t try that mean you will never fail then you will start to convince yourself that you are smarter than those who tried and failed .
no my friend you have to fail once and again till you get success
the wisdom of birth ( is to come to this world and learn by try and fail ) from the first stumble till last step.
so again let us get rid of that word .

Why it’s so serious ?

you will never accomplish things in your life without getting rid of this mind obstacles
because this obstacles ( negative thoughts ) as consequently
Fear of change will restrict you and put the chains on you
Assuming the worst will help fear of change as logical Justification
The final result is word of I cannot .
therefore there is no many choices left to you either you bury it deep down in ground or it eventually will bury you . sometimes the mind works against progress and for many reasons and therefore it put hindrance in front of you but you have to overcome that . means You must excel at yourself first .

referring to the title (correcting the course ) this three main mind obstacles is result of negative inputs that entered to your mind through your past lifetime experience .

this 3 mind obstacles that you have to get rid of it it’s very serious
it Represents the absolute powerful negative thoughts ever
as we told earlier that thoughts has great influence on our life course and events
presuming the worst motivated by fear of change. it will make bad events Inevitable
and contribute in order to create it in reality
as an example
if you think about illness and delusion about illness . you will get sick
same as when you are positive thinker and think you can beat the sickness you will get healed
simply ( your thoughts has the power to attract what you seeking for )

Change your thoughts .  -4 

How to avoid the negatives in your daily life

Don’t reads what it can disturb your mood like accidents news paper . subconsciously that will effect on your mood for the rest of the day .

negativity is contagious . try to be away from people they spreads frustration around them .

instead try to be closer to those who brings joy and positive feelings and hope .

Do not participate in unproductive criticism discussion because This would make you subconsciously focus on negatives points only .

Don’t search for the mistakes, this is the biggest mind tricks .

your mind sometimes invite you to search for mistakes in every life aspects then slowly and slowly you will be dragged down and all what your eyes can see after that is only negativity in everywhere .

don’t let negative thoughts and attitudes manipulates with your mind

If you are late for your work because of flat tire . don’t be sad who knows maybe if you haven’t that flat tire you would have an appointment with major car accident . means that flat tire has saved your life .

One of the common things that brings negative in your life

Loneliness is the Fuel of negative thoughts and bad feelings

Sitting on your own is the biggest mistakes

especially when you have bad feelings towards any subject or an event

this is big invitation to negative feelings and bad thoughts to come and strike you .

once you feels bad avoid the word of leave me alone

leave the room and go somewhere else till you find any one of these words either forget or forgive .

Imagine in your mind all what can bring negatives thoughts to your life and all what can represent it as well for you

Write it down and make your own list after that you can start to get rid of it one by one .


5- Change to be positive one

Imagine that you are living in your mind and this is quite true

This world as you know it and feels about it it’s just inside your head , and you are living in it .

 as your personal perspective ) )

Do not you want to make such place where you living in it clean and tidy .in fact you should make it wonderful because simply this world is yours .

so let us get start

find the things that you love and bring joy to your life and bring it with you to your home I mean mind

The five senses

Hear what you love

Taste what you love

See what you love

Smell what you love

Touch and live

Practice meditation and walk trip

Don’t sit alone most the time . after all paradise wouldn’t be a paradise without someone share it with you .

so find and make new friends that may entering joy and happiness to your life .

most wonderful things in this life still free why not enjoy it . go to the sea go to trip and make positive feelings and positive thoughts .

make your own list and fulfill it ,this is your tasks .

You must sense the positivity in everything that you practice because changing to be positive thinker it is long way process need time and patience but the beauty of it that it’s possible .

the world as you see it it’s just your mind perspective you’re the only one can help it the only one can change it .



Start attraction) ) -6

This world is mirror

But your eyes can still see the real one even when you close your eyes

it’s there hid in your mind !!!

The world as you see …. it has been created by your mind through lifetime

That’s mean when you look to the world you see only the reflection of the real one that existed in your mind ( it’s your own perspective )

So unlike the others when they say to you are not the center of the universe . you are the center of the universe at least for yourself .

and you are living in your mind

How to attract what you want effectively ?

When you focus and think deeply in a matter as we referred earlier quite possibly there is things it will happens suddenly . to cut your chain of thoughts !

especially when you’re hesitating in matter in order to take decision yes or no !

 now focus again . that thing happened now  ( was the answer ) !!!?

for what you been thinking about . it’s sign

In ancient times 774 AD there was kind of fortune tellers using such ways !!!

You ask the question and he start to think . and once he start thinking he will attract the answers for you

But what it was interesting about those fortune tellers

That they were not using any kind of instruments such as crystal balls or cards .or palmistry . or guts of animal …etc !!!

They were sitting on streets around markets during daylight and by only concentrating and thinking. the incidents will happens in front of their eyes to reveal the answers for them( clairvoyant by thoughts can  perceive events in the future by thinking only ) .

Mental attractions

away from psychokinesis expression

Anything you want it you can attract it no matter it’s big or small thing the only trick is not to think about it as subject waiting for taking decision .

You have to think about it as something you want it and you will have it without any doubts .

and keep focusing and visualize this thought over and over in your mind till you got it . this world is your mind and you control it keep attracting every day .this is practice of everyday .

Don’t get distracted . don’t hesitate . don’t lose the faith .Do not weaken and the most important don’t give up .

as this world keeps feeding your mind by frustration . you have to defend about your thoughts . you have to protect your mind from any kind of negatives .

7- How to attract answers

if you are unable to take a decision about a matter . or confused and seeking for answers

try this way to attract the answers :

go during daylight time only and pick place to sit . coffee shop as an example

look around you carefully the place should be full of people and it has view on the street where people are coming and going .

now think about the subject that you seeking the answers for it and make it as much as you can very specific  in your mind  as an example like ( shall I do that or not )???

keep concentrating on that thought over and over and keep looking around you shortly there will be something happening to draw  your attention as quick response for what you been thinking about . now the explanation of that incident depends on you this is your answer and your sign and you’re the only one able to understand it and doing the interpretation for it .

in order to make it work in right way

Don’t try this way during the night time . you should do it during the daylight only

Because the sun rays has power to reveal the truth in effective way plus crystallizing thoughts clearly as well

The speed of response for The question that wanders in your head… depends on the level of your own Mental concentration and mental power

the condition to make it success you must have a constant visual communication with others . they can see you and you can see them .

in advanced stage you will be able to do so even when you are sitting alone as high capability for attraction

don’t ever attempt to do such way while practicing your job especially if you are Working by your hands as carpenter or blacksmith or mechanic

it’s too risky Because accidents certainly will be attracted and happens .means what you thinking about will be translated on reality.


With my regards .

The Oracle

Written by : A.Rahman Ahmed


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The Oracle

Learn how to attract answers when you need it by using mental attraction

Source: The Oracle

Money Attraction By Real Symbols

How can i attract money

Throughout the years there has been this question

How can i attract money ? 

And throughout all those years I was watching and waiting for someone to give the right answers for it. 
But no one either did or could . because the same question has across to my mind in 1989 when i thought in that time it is easy task to do for finding the answer  
However i decided to find the answer of it by myself for my own interest only 
But what did not across to my mind in fact was the answer will cost me long years of search to find it and understand it then use it  
Fans of law of attraction still insist till today that the law of attraction is the Key for the answer


But it’s not . though it  has side of truth but it’s only one side not all  
other ways allow me to ask how you could success to attract what you want and what you desire if there is some one else think about you in bad way and wish that you never meet success envious person i mean  
Then How about if there are so many around you ?!! and that’s why you may find people complaining that the law of attraction doesn’t work with them 


as is i said Low of attraction has one side only of truth apart only   
for that reason i realized long time ago that i have to search in new places  
consuming books days and nights and traveling every where searching in new places where no one ever searched before 


Until the day came when I found the answer 


The beginning of the answer for this question it begins with understanding the mysterious and hidden powers phenomena which created the words such as Luck and fate 
In a comprehensive search for all the powers in this respect and in all the sciences that include these forces and talking about such as myths ,superstitions , magic , fortune telling , 
and even dreams and religions ..etc …  
in order to find the link between it  
Then after finding that link use the same methods and same mechanism 
in order to use the hidden power to change and recreate new luck and fate
then after that use it for Money Attraction as last step
The link between all previous sciences called  
Real Symbols  
Where the symbols are not consist from a numbers or letters 
but it consist from Real life such as  
nature and animals and tools etc…etc 
as fact that each real symbols has two sides 
1- physical existence = as ( matter )  
2- Non physical existence= as ( energy )


such as human condition non physical soul in human physical body  
and all what your eyes can see through this life is the physical existence only  
But the fact is ( every thing has 2 side and you just see only one )  
thus if you know the Real Symbols energy i mean the ( Non physical existence of it ) as matter in our physical life then you can learn how to use it in particular way in order to attract what you want effectively and immediately  
and in advanced stage you can use multiple Real Symbols in different ways for each purpose. 
However the information by it self cannot be reliable unless by testing only then it is proved and that’s what i did !!! I’ve tested these information on my self 
i stop working since 2005 as employee and i am now a successful business man and people still wondering about my luck and how money come to my hands easily 
To Find the Book  
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