Money Attraction By Real Symbols

How can i attract money

Throughout the years there has been this question

How can i attract money ? 

And throughout all those years I was watching and waiting for someone to give the right answers for it. 
But no one either did or could . because the same question has across to my mind in 1989 when i thought in that time it is easy task to do for finding the answer  
However i decided to find the answer of it by myself for my own interest only 
But what did not across to my mind in fact was the answer will cost me long years of search to find it and understand it then use it  
Fans of law of attraction still insist till today that the law of attraction is the Key for the answer


But it’s not . though it  has side of truth but it’s only one side not all  
other ways allow me to ask how you could success to attract what you want and what you desire if there is some one else think about you in bad way and wish that you never meet success envious person i mean  
Then How about if there are so many around you ?!! and that’s why you may find people complaining that the law of attraction doesn’t work with them 


as is i said Low of attraction has one side only of truth apart only   
for that reason i realized long time ago that i have to search in new places  
consuming books days and nights and traveling every where searching in new places where no one ever searched before 


Until the day came when I found the answer 


The beginning of the answer for this question it begins with understanding the mysterious and hidden powers phenomena which created the words such as Luck and fate 
In a comprehensive search for all the powers in this respect and in all the sciences that include these forces and talking about such as myths ,superstitions , magic , fortune telling , 
and even dreams and religions ..etc …  
in order to find the link between it  
Then after finding that link use the same methods and same mechanism 
in order to use the hidden power to change and recreate new luck and fate
then after that use it for Money Attraction as last step
The link between all previous sciences called  
Real Symbols  
Where the symbols are not consist from a numbers or letters 
but it consist from Real life such as  
nature and animals and tools etc…etc 
as fact that each real symbols has two sides 
1- physical existence = as ( matter )  
2- Non physical existence= as ( energy )


such as human condition non physical soul in human physical body  
and all what your eyes can see through this life is the physical existence only  
But the fact is ( every thing has 2 side and you just see only one )  
thus if you know the Real Symbols energy i mean the ( Non physical existence of it ) as matter in our physical life then you can learn how to use it in particular way in order to attract what you want effectively and immediately  
and in advanced stage you can use multiple Real Symbols in different ways for each purpose. 
However the information by it self cannot be reliable unless by testing only then it is proved and that’s what i did !!! I’ve tested these information on my self 
i stop working since 2005 as employee and i am now a successful business man and people still wondering about my luck and how money come to my hands easily 
To Find the Book  
click on the link below to visit the page 

click here


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